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Our CE & NTA certified helmets:

Speed pedelec

NTA 8776 approved
Size 51 t/m 63 cm


Comfort & cool
Size 55 t/m 61 cm


With visor
Size 50 t/m 61 cm

All helmets

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Who we are

We at GO-OFF stand for going, leaving and being on the road. After 20 years of experience in mobility & sustainability, it is clear that we have to travel differently. More sustainable, cleaner and paying attention to vitality. 

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Why Choose Us


100% Customer satisfaction

We do everything we can to improve our working methods. This is in addition to the product warranty. Do you have something to do with the delivery, our communication or your helmet? Contact us and we will solve it. An example of what we do to ensure you get the best experience? Every product is intensively tested before we put it on the market. From simple use and application yourself to helmet testing with KIWA Netherlands. ​

Free shipping & 30 days reflection time

It is annoying to see afterwards that shipping costs will be added. That is why we already include it in the price of the product. So you only have to choose the right one. Once you have received your product, please check it carefully before using it. You can return within 30 days.

2 years product warranty

All products are carefully tested and tried until they are approved. Every helmet must be checked for safety after 1 year. You also have a two-year product warranty.

European certificat by GO-OFF

Helmets are always manufactured abroad. The Dutch testing institute KIWA tests GOOFF helmets for quality. These are also tested for safety according to the CE or NTA 8776 certificate.

Customer review


Every helmet we supply is CE certified. The helmets specifically for speed pedelec or moped scooter are also always NTA certified.

After your order, the helmet will be delivered the next working day if ordered before 11:59 PM. You will be informed by email about every step in the delivery process. In the early morning you will receive an email with the expected part of the day, just before the start of the day you will receive a message with a more specific time estimate of the delivery.

All helmets are available in multiple colors. Inquire via info@gooff.shop for the possibilities.

Yes of course. Free returns are standard with us if you tell us what is wrong 🙂 The link for registering your return can be found below:

Open portal.

In short, reusing the helmet or the raw materials. A helmet must be safe, which is why annual inspection is mandatory. GOOFF has come up with a solution for rejected helmets. For example, we use the lining to make house insulation. This way we can work smart together. So always send your helmet back to us.

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